"We appreciated being able to have direct and open conversations on budget, design, execution, timing and performance with DWD; and equally very much appreciated Doug's commitment to put the team's diligence against getting things done."                                                                                                               ~ ~    Homeowner: Jefferson Park, Alexandria 
"The DWD crew has been phenomenal on this job and a pleasure to have in my house."                                            
~    Homeowner: Lisa, Arlington
"The house feels great!" 
                                                                              ~    Homeowner: Jefferson Park, Alexandria                                           
​"I want to thank you for all that you have done to keep our house project moving along. The house looks wonderful and I am so excited to have my family see it and spend Christmas with us." 

~    Homeowner: Dennis and Susan, Alexandria 
Contact Us
DW Dively Construction Services
6292 Alforth Avenue
Alexandria, VA  22315

703-299-8929 - phone

"No one else works with such honesty, quality, timeliness and cost control.  DWD is the best!" 

~    Homeowner: Melissa and Chris, Alexandria, VA

“DWD was just the right choice, you ALL have been awesome, kind and given us the quality we hoped for.”

~    Homeowner: Janice and Taylor, Alexandria, VA​
"Doug's guys are great!"

 ~    Homeowner: Donna and Karl, Alexandria, VA
“We chose to work with DWD because of their experience with homes in the area and their individualized approach to construction. Our project was a huge success,and we appreciate their great team, craftsmanship, trustworthiness, and attention to detail. We will definitely look to work with DWD again.”

~    Homeowner: Ken and Meridith, Alexandria, VA​
"Last week when the ditches for our porch footings were dug and the weather forecast called for several days of rain, we were concerned about the foundation of our house being exposed. I was assured that the concrete would be poured by the end of the day and it was, although it was late in the day and the weather was unusually cold. One of the crew actually stayed on site until after 9:30 that night to be sure that the concrete was setting up properly and that it was well-protected from the weekend weather. We were blown away by the commitment and dedication of everyone involved. ”

~    Homeowner: Jeffrey & Dru, Arlington, VA​
“DW Dively did a wonderful job on our slightly unusual project. We set them a hard task with a triangular addition and hexagonal screened gazebo! They also had to deal with challenges involving drainage but the project was completed on schedule and in budget with care and attention to detail to help us achieve the look we wanted.”

~    Homeowner: Maria and Mark, Alexandria, VA